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  • Price Protection for Electricity

    Similar to natural gas, electricity prices are also influenced by supply and demand. Locking in your supply price can give you peace of mind for the long term as you will have the comfort of knowing what you will be paying for your energy supply.

    Why Choose Fixed Price?

    We lock electricity supply prices for our customers for a term of 1, 3
    or 5 years. This means, irrespective of whether you use more heating in winter or air conditioning in the summer, you will pay a fixed supply price per kilowatt hour for the term of your agreement.

    Your utility will continue to deliver your electricity. Nothing changes except the ‘fixed price’ for commodity supply which will appear on
    your utility bill. It’s that simple!*

    *Subject to Global Adjustment charges.

    How it works

    We make it easy to select the perfect program
    1. Select the program that’s right for you

    2. Sign up and enjoy competitive Fixed Price Programs

    MyRate is Your Rate

    We strive to offer our customers the most competitive fixed price programs for their energy supply.

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