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  • Price Protection for Natural Gas

    Wouldn't you rather avoid seasonal price volatility and uncertainty with your energy supply costs each month? Our Fixed Price Program provides you with peace of mind knowing what rate you will pay each month for your natural gas supply.

    Why Choose Fixed Price?

    We secure prices for our customers for a term of 1 or 5 years. This means, whether you use natural gas to heat your home in winter or for barbequing in summer, you pay a fixed supply price all year round!

    We offer competitive retail pricing on both natural gas and electricity supply, giving you peace of mind while taking the guesswork out of managing your energy supply expenses.

    How it works

    We make it easy to select the perfect program
    1. Select the program that’s right for you

    2. Sign up and enjoy competitive Fixed Price Programs

    MyRate is Your Rate

    We strive to offer our customers the most competitive fixed price programs for their energy supply.

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